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In the early of 1980, the global bag sealing market is of the era of low volume high values. Contemporarily, in Taiwan, a young team, decided to delicate a development for producing this product, is in its way to popularize it.

Successfully, Seal King developed the new bag sealing producing and makes this products even suitable for manufacturing. Nowadays, bag sealing tape, with a revolutionized production process, has been the most efficient tool for soft packaging industry. Ranging from CD , clothes, stationery and so on, bag sealing tape pretty cover most of the usages for packing. This transformation signifies that the Seal King’s 40 years hard work has been paid off and even crate a more progressive technology that has been enforced on the production.

Seal King, with 70 acres land and advanced faciliies, with customers in all over 5 states and dozens of countries, is aiming for sustainable future under our quality commitment.

Even though competition is getting stronger and price drop is unstopped, seal king constantly utilize its full R&D capacity, technical innovation and production techniques to provide you full range of products for your needs.

“To stand still is to fall behind”;  Seal King has created new product one after the other in the past 40years and we will keep moving forward.  Our wish for the new 40years, is we move forward with our customers together.  This spirit has been rooted inside Seal King and will be inherited by new generation of Seal King Employees for another 30, 40, 50 years.

Customers is King :

Seal King – Seal the world for My King

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